September 11 (9/11) Was An Inside Job

9/11 Was An Inside Job
Here are just a few of the reasons I believe 9/11 was an inside job, primarily masterminded by Dick Cheney with the complicity of George W. Bush. I have ordered them with most important first. This is just a summary. I explore these points in detail later with backup.
  1. No steel frame buildings had ever before in history collapsed either from fires or planes hitting them. They are designed to withstand those hazards. On 9/11 three of them fell, and fell perfectly straight down. Why do you think demolition experts spend weeks planting charges and timing the explosions with millisecond precision? To make sure the buildings implode and fall straight down, just as the three WTC towers did. That perfection does not happen by accident. Further, the timing of the falls are indicative of linear controlled demolitions, not accelerating natural gravitational collapse. An engineering failure of this magnitude would normally demand an exhaustive study as to the mechanism of failure to ensure it never happened again, but all the evidence was quickly whisked away and melted down thus ensuring the cause was never discovered.
  2. The 1/3 sized wheels, turbofan and diffuser found at the Pentagon crash are not part of a 757, but of a much smaller military aircraft the A-3 drone. Two civilian defense contractor employees — told to remain silent — say other workers quietly retro-fitted missile and remote control systems onto A-3 jets at Colorado public airport prior to September 11. Bush claims a Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon then vaporised, and that is why there was no wreckage, but that is utterly impossible. The titanium used in the 12 tons of engines does not even melt at temperatures reached by mixing jet fuel and pure oxygen much less vaporise. Think about it. Titanium was chosen for the engines because it would not even weaken when subjected to an optimum mixture of jet fuel and air for hours on end during ordinary flight. Further, there were not even broken windows where the engines purportedly hit the Pentagon. And to top it off, photos show no sign of a fuel fire like the ones hitting the two towers. So, according to Bush, not only did the most of the plane vanish, a mysterious shrinking ray made the wheels and turbofans shrink to 1/3 the normal diameter and change into a type used by A-3 military drones. Give me a break! How gullible do you think I am Mr. Bush? Bush is peddling an utterly preposterous lie. It amazing he got away with it so long. See the video Loose Change, part 1 and Loose Change, part 2. So it was an A-3 drone that hit the Pentagon. This is so patently obvious from examining the wreckage that Bush must have know that all along, but decided to lie.
  3. Thermate is an improved and patented variant of Thermite. It is used only by the military. It is used for cutting through steel. Thermate was found on the clean cuts on the steel of the World Trade building rubble.
  4. The Pentagon had 80 surveillance cameras operating on 9/11, yet it won’t release the fdotage of the alleged airliner that hit the Pentagon. Such photos could presumably explain the many anomalies about that event. What are they hiding?
  5. The hole in the side of the Pentagon is far too small for Boeing 757 flight 77 to pass through. The wingspan is 124 feet with a fuselage diameter of 13 feet. It is 44 feet from ground to the top of the tail. There was almost no debris, no bodies, no blood, no body parts, no baggage, no wreckage typical of a 757 plane crash, and of course no sheared off wings. Further there was no fire or smoke damage similar to the other two crashes. There should have been. The plane had a similar load of fuel. In contrast, after the shuttle disaster, it was possible to find pieces of the seven astronauts’ bodies spread over hundreds of square miles. Some of the rubble appears to belong to a small Global Hawk drone (44 feet long by 15 feet high) including the tiny engine, including a tiny turbofan engine. The Pentagon blatantly lied in its story published by the Washington Post, saying the hole in the Pentagon was five stories high and 200 feet wide. Photos show it is no bigger than 18 feet in diameter. To fit in that tiny hole the wings had to have been sheared off. Where are the wings? Further the Pentagon crash did not show up seismically, because the object that hit was too light. Recall your high school physics. We know object that hit the Pentagon was travelling at 400 mph.
mass = energy / velocity²
The low energy of the hit means the object had to have considerably lower mass than a 757. The other two other hits, including another 757, registered seismically. Whatever hit the Pentagon was not nearly heavy enough to be a 757 as the Bush conspiracy theory claims. This is so patently obvious, Bush must have know that all along, but decided to lie.
  1. See David Griffin’s video excerpt click to watchThis will painlessly give you a brief outline of some of the holes in Bush’s story. Griffin has written two books on 9/11.
  2. Mike Ruppert’s book, Crossing the Rubicon. This book explains exactly how Cheney pulled this off, and provides 700 pages of backup for this admittedly wild-sounding accusation.